Saturday, March 26, 2005

shiny new flesh, same wormy soul

The I hope fetching ochre background prompted by the estimable Peter O'Leary: "Dude, one suggestion: change the visual display! It takes me several minutes of rapid blinking to do away with the afterglow from reading the bright white text on the black background. There's a reason centuries of books have never opted for that appearance: our eyes can't handle it!"

I will resist Eric's suggestion to retitle the last post "Glum and Glummer," and leave him to his decadent pleasures: aye, laddie, cakes and ale while ye may, and enjoy yer snow – it'll be gey and warm eneugh for ye in the flames of perdition...

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E. M. Selinger said...

I am shocked to see you capitulate so readily, Mark, to Peter's enforcement of mainstream aesthetic norms. Surely you're not persuaded by his rhetoric of biological determinism ("our eyes can't handle it") and historical precedent ("centuries of books have never opted for that appearance"). Next you'll be hoisting a dram of Old Pentameter with Frederick Turner!

No, as Adorno reminds us, the modern blogger must, MUST resist hegemonic notions of "visibility," by any means necessary. White on black? A mere half-measure, man. Black on black, say I! (Or, as in my own blog, no internet posting at all, so that my readers must compose their own postings from scratch.)

I'll save you a seat by the fire, old friend--