Monday, April 18, 2005

Xmas in April

It’s been a long, hard week, struggling with a nasty and stubborn virus of some sort, trying to stay awake through my own lectures, and anticipating with no little dread the floods of end-of-semester work that will be washing against my breakwaters any day now. The brightest spot of the whole week was the appearance of a big box from the formidable Lisa Jarnot – she’s trying to clean out some of the overflow from her shelves and to raise a bit of cash for an upcoming honeymoon (mazel tov!), and I’m trying to spend my children’s inheritance. As Archie Ammons used to say, Oh My! Christmas in April! A preliminary overview of said box’s contents shows almost eighty items – books, chapbooks, magazines, and other ephemera, all poetry-related. I anticipate much satisfying reading over the next few months.

Casey Mohammad points out that the full text of Clark Coolidge’s Space is online at Craig Dworkin’s wonderful Eclipse site, a real treasure-house of hard-to-find interesting poetry texts. While you’re there, check out the books by David Melnick, my own favorite “where are they now?” candidate.

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