Thursday, September 22, 2005

Any Macintosh aficionados out there who can backchannel me with some quick advice? I'm using a two-year old iBook running OS X 10.2.8. Apparently iPhoto has somehow gone haywire. The program starts up, but then stalls on the "Loading Photos" screen. No albums show up on the left, and I can't get it to create a new album. Nor can I drag and drop photos from the desktop. All of my photos seem to still be there in the iPhoto library folder, I just can't get at 'em. Should I reinstall the program?


Scott said...

Have you updated iPhoto lately? If so, have you also "repaired permissions" using the Disk Utility program? That may be the issue! Try repairing permissions on your drive.

Archambeau said...

The lovely and talented Valerie, my wife and one of the main IT gurus at the U of Chicago, says that if the permissions thing doesn't work, go ahead and reinstall.

Good luck!