Friday, April 14, 2006


La poésie in the news: the Times runs a story on the "fib," a Fibonacci Series-based form that's set to replace the haiku in the hearts of junior-high teachers and poetically-inclined Dan Brown readers. Dig that measured quotation from Annie Finch: "The form gives you something to dance with so it's not just you alone on the page." I love it when people talk of poetry as a dance.
In Reno, a federal judge has ruled that a ninth-grader will be allowed to recite Auden's "The More Loving One" in a state competition, even tho the poem contains the words (horrors!) "hell" and "damn." The dean of the student's charter school Cheryl Garlock, believes that the school should only present its students with "pristine" language.
Michel Foucault: "if I had encountered the Frankfurt School while young, I would have been seduced to the point of doing nothing else in life but the job of commenting on them. Instead, their influence on me remains retrospective, a contribution reached when I was no longer at the age of intellectual 'discoveries.'"
...& the weekly random 10:

1) Hüsker Dü, "Somewhere," Zen Arcade
2) French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson, "A Blind Step Away," Live, Love, Larf and Loaf
3) Public Image Ltd., "Bad Baby," Second Edition
4) Brian Eno, "Decentre," Nerve Net
5) Pixies, "Nimrod's Son," Come On Pilgrim
6) U2, "Until the End of the World," Achtung Baby
7) Naked City, "Snagglepuss," Naked City
8) Mekons, "Slightly South of the Border," Original Sin
9) Pharoah Sanders, "Morning Prayer," Thembi
10) Gang of Four, "I Absolve You," Shrinkwrapped


Josh_Hanson said...

Love that Foucault quote.

Jessica Smith said...

poetry is totally a dance. i hope you're not being sarcastic or we might need to have a "discussion."

the Ister looks great