Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The academics among Culture Industry's readers may know what I mean when I kvetch that I'd rather be in next semester. Not that I'd rather be teaching those courses – it's just that I really really really wish I had the time to re-read Paradise Lost and Ulysses right now, rather than scrunched up in teaching-time.
Zach Barocas of the excellent & 5-year-old Cultural Society (& former drummer of Jawbox) has a blog. Go by & say hi.
A bissel Sanskrit – or rather, the particulars will remain dark to those not "in the know" (rather like a particularly knotty Jane Dark post): went to the post office today and dropped off three signed copies of "the" contract. Delivery sooner than you'd believe; the big date sometime next fall. So part of me is (as Bridget Jones would say) v. v. happy.

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E. M. Selinger said...

V.G. start to year! Am only now back to reading yr blog or anyone else's. Have replaced reading w/ text

production, grant aps and the like, hence the long


mais c'est super! Huzzahs all around!