Tuesday, July 24, 2007


No, I'm not really posting – for one thing, I'm stealing somebody's wireless right now, & I'm confined to Safari, which means I (still!) can't use most of the formatting tools Blogger has these days.

Noted in NYC:

1) Don't wear long pants to The Strand, even if it's been a chilly, rainy day, and the store has been decently air conditioned for over a year now. You're still gonna be sweating like a pig by the end of your two-hour browse-fest.

2) Never let an in-law know that you're familiar with the new computer operating system to which she's been contemplating switching: you will become in-house, unpaid tech consultant dead meat.

3) Noveau / nostalgias noted on the subway:

a) Converse All-Stars, both high- & low-tops: back in in a big way
b) sideburns
c) acid-washed jeans, especially with those vertical line-like things

4) New York women remain the most attractive in the country for my money. South Florida fashionistas take note: in NYC, women manage to look much better than you, despite lacking (a) prosthetic enhancement (b) deep tans (c) large quantities of jewelry. Er, perhaps replace "despite lacking" "in part on account of eschewing..." No sexier accessory than a book, you know. I'm even willing to forgive the fact that every 3rd book one sees this week is friggin' Harry Potter & the Flatulent Bellows.


Tyrone said...

You got my vote re New York women...

E. M. Selinger said...

Not mine re: Harry Potter. Bought it at midnight, had two copies waiting when the kids woke up that morning, read it after they did. Good stuff. Not the greatest story ever told, but not a flatulent bellows, neither.

I hear tell jbovier will be coming out with a line of zouks and OMs soon. Will I hold out for one of those, or blow the wad on some new mando first? Watch the blog to see, old friend; I'm done with teaching, and will be back on it soon!

zimdog said...

Yeah, I'm down with the resurgence of Chuckies-style kicks. I wanted some, but lost some of that lovin' feeling when I found out Nike bought Converse. That's why I went to Payless and got me the cheap, low-cut knock-offs made by Airwalk . Go Airwalk!