Thursday, October 18, 2007

Graphic Zukofsky

So you're wondering what to wear to the big book-release bash I'm planning for the (now about 5-6 weeks off) release of The Poem of a Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofsky? How about these (scroll down just a skoshe) nifty graphic designs, which can be printed on t-shirts, tank tops, even your little one's onesie:

Makes me remember with some fondness the t-shirts somebody (was it Bob Creeley?) had made up for a little Zukofsky conference in Buffalo 10 years ago. On the back, one of Elsa Dorfman's more geekish photos of LZ in conversation. On the front, the same scarecrowish profile as in the above pink graphic, with the tiny legend "Louie, Louie." (Oh baby, we gotta go...)

(Thanks to Jessica for the tip.)

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Jessica Smith said...

Just to complete the circle (of Love), Reckon also makes a fabulous Creeley graphic for your T, tote, or onesie.