Friday, April 25, 2008

Devin Johnston: Sources

Devin Johnston, Sources (Turtle Point Press, forthcoming)


Hey, this one's a set of uncorrected proofs Рhow often do you see that in the poetry world these days? Рso don't look for the full color version until Turtle Point releases the book in September or so. I'm keen to see what the omnipresent Jeff Clark has done with the cover, but the interior design & typesetting is exquisite as usual. Johnston is of course one of the movers behind the always excellent Flood Editions, & the poems of Sources are almost a continuation of the aesthetics of Flood books: clean, lithe, spare, & quirky. "After Propertius" is tremendous. "The Pipe" amused me at first as a reprise of Mallarm̩'s prose poem "La Pipe," in which the accidental discovery of a pipe throws the Frenchman's imagination back to his London days Рthen I realized, from its "charred bowl and thatched screen," that DJ's is that kind of pipe, not the tobacco sort.


Peter said...


Devin's "The Pipe" is about Ronald Johnson. So, yes, that kind of pipe.


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