Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chicago Review: Rodefer!

Fans (oh yes, count me as one) of the ever-enthralling Stephen Rodefer would do well to grab a copy of the latest Chicago Review, which has an enormous feature on Rodefer – lots of stuff, including an interview with Rodefer, critical essays on his work by Keston Sutherland and David Georgi, two essays and four poems by Rodefer himself, a memoir by Fanny Howe and a checklist.

And there's more: poems by Rae Armantrout, Carl Phillips, Ange Mlinko, Endi Hartigan, John Tipton, Joanna Klink, Alice Notley, Paul √Čluard (translated by Robert Huddleston) and Elizabeth Arnold.

And my own review of John Matthias's latest, strong collection, Kedging: New Poems.
A reminder to Britons, & those who might be drifting thru southern England late next week, that the place to be for the Zukofskynalia this year (that's 23 January, Zukofsky's birthday – 105 if you're counting) is the University of Sussex, where their Centre for Modernist Studies'll be celebrating the event with a performance – by Sean Bonney, Ken Edwards, Daniel Kane and Francesca Beasley, with Kerry Yong on harpsichord – of "A"-24. There'll also be talks by Harry Gilonis, Jeff Hilson, the indispensible Jeff Twitchell-Waas, and Tim Woods. 

And by yr. humble blogger, as well. Someone tell me what the weather's like there; should I bring socks?


Su said...

I was pleasantly surprised by your appearance in my mailbox yesterday.

The Rodefer stuff was so engaging that my dinner went cold while I was reading.

Observations & lessons learned:

1) I love the surprises that journal/review subscriptions provide (over picking out books/mags at stores). When a particular mag/journal disappoints me, another arrives to repel the disappointment.

2) I have been disengaged too long.

3) Taco salads do not warm up well.

4) I got a great word for the verification of this comment: 'porkio'. I must use it in something.

Archambeau said...

Props on the Matthias piece! Are you writing for the Salt Companion?