Friday, April 17, 2009

wild rumpus

In honor of National You-Know-What Month, the online culture magazine The Rumpus is posting a new poem (that is, an unpublished poem by an actual living poet) every day. Go there and read mine for today, "Dumbfoundry."


tyrone said...


Rebecca said...

Me like, Mark! (What does J make of the bit about "compulsory monogamy," though?)

E. M. Selinger said...

Wait a minute--I'm not "Rebecca"--what's the story here? Who's this Rebecca on my computer?

Ed Baker said...

at least
in your old age
you'll have bred a
gaggle of students who will themselves become the future teachers of america and
tally hoe

siting your work and putting your poems into an anthology of sortz..

nice thrust / tone to

I was thinking "Rope-uh-dope-uh University"

there already is (at least) one

pee est
you are NOT responsible for my (or anyone else's) intelligence ... or understanding..

such-as-it-is yorn and mines

Joseph said...

goatfuct usufruct . . .

that should be some really extreme German punk band!

great poem!