Friday, February 05, 2010

Scroggins World Tour: Spring 2010!

[photo copyright Shannon O'Brien]
Scheduled Dates:

•Monday, 8 February: "Queen Victoria's Birthday Present: Some Aporias of Literary Biography." 3.40 pm at LA-208, Boise State University, Boise, Idaho.

•Thursday, 18 February: "The 'half-fabulous field-ditcher': Ruskin, Pound, Geoffrey Hill." The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture Since 1900. 1.30 pm at Bingham 106, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.

Less Tangibles:

•27-30 May: "Zukofsky, Rexroth, and Levertov: Literary Biography and the 'Supporting Cast.'" Panel on "Biographical Cross-currents," ALA, San Francisco, California.

Tickets available at LiveNation/Ticketmaster. Or just drop by. And should I go to AWP, just for kicks?


Bradley said...

I heard there's going to be a kick-ass panel at AWP this year about humor writing and serious illness. You might like it-- there's a cancer guy who makes the claim that humor writing about cancer is almost never funny, but then goes on to explain how he's the exception. 'Cause he's such an ass like that. Seriously, you should go just to make fun of that guy.

Honestly, if you go to AWP, let me know so we can make sure to hang out.

SOS said...

Nice picture! AWP is a must, I say.

Archambeau said...

So the Teamsters have finally ended their Scroggins boycott! I look forward to seeing your motorcade blow by me on the highway. Remember: the groupies don't ride in the same bus as the band's wives. It can get ugly.

E. M. Selinger said...

Beautiful shot of you, Mark! But what's with the TC? Surely you're taking the Fylde on tour, not the Pac-Rim import.

Mark Scroggins said...

AWP remains a definite maybe. Tour buses -- golly, I remember seeing the REM tour bus, back ca. 1981, with the sign over the windshield: "Nobody You Know."

Good eye, EMS! Yes, of course the Fylde, along with the Strat, the Tele, & the weird Korean Brian May-copy (not to mention the modified Danelectro electric 'zouk). TC as backup, only. But I leave all that to my guitar roadie, who also takes care of amps, tuning & pedal setup. I stole him from Nigel Tufnel.