Saturday, March 08, 2014


By the way, I just realized Culture Industry turned 9 years old yesterday. Golly. A couple of months back, I was under the misapprehension that I'd been at this for almost 10 years, and was seriously wondering whether I ought to pull the plug and put the thing out of its 12-readers-a-day misery on its 10th anniversary. But hey, I'm actually having fun with this again, throwing a few thoughts out now & again, and posting some new poems. So I think I'll keep it up, on some level, for at least another year.

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Michael Peverett said...

Yes please. What you said about Moorcock in the prev post is alone enough to justify it. Anyway I can't see that there's any point in formally ending (still less, removing) a blog. Mine too alternates between hyperactivity (usually in January, for some reason) and periods of strange stillness. That's just how things ought to be.