Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comments written in the margins of a student's paper on The Waste Land (apocryphal):

TS Eliot—one "l," one "t." It's on the cover of the book.

Subject/verb disagreement


Subject/vb disagreement


No, Thomas Middleton did not write a play called A Game of Chess—he wrote a play called A Game at Chess; not your fault—the editor made a boo-boo in the footnotes

Eliot—one "l," one "t"

sub/vb disagr.

E-L-I-O-T (why do I feel like I'm in a 4th grade spelling bee??)


S/V D.

No, I'm afraid the German pop band Trio was not an influence on "What the Thunder Said," since their song "Da Da Da" WAS NOT A HIT UNTIL 1982, BY WHICH TIME TSE HAD BEEN DEAD A WHILE LONGER THAN YOU'VE BEEN ALIVE—

THE ----- WASTE ----- LAND: 3 words, NOT 2—what'd I say the first day of class?


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E. M. Selinger said...

Where's the "like" button? Where are the ads? Nice to see you here, rather than on FB. I've been rereading some of our old blog exchanges, back from the 'oughts; getting all wistful, what with Nathan heading off to college now....