Monday, May 30, 2005

Charles Olson in Florida

Ron is right, responding to my tossed-off comment week before last – Olson was in Key West for the first months of 1945, hanging around with a bunch of other Democratic Party flacks. (Tho he was not there when he learned of FDR's death, as I've heard somewhere or other.) And I'm wrong, it appears – and to my delight: I learned at lunch the other day that I'm by no means the only Palm Beach County resident who's read Olson. The formidable Vernon Frazer, who's been trying the life of a snowbird for a year or two, will be moving down to this neck of the woods permanently come this fall, bringing with him his lively mixture of spontaneous bop prosody, dense puns and punning density, and visual poetry. Hopefully we can get the air moving a bit.

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