Thursday, June 09, 2005

[in progress iii]

           The full monty, as if talk
     of sexuality would not seem objectionable
to someone, somewhere. Tie that one down before
it blows away. Guttural sound in the throat
           of the saxophone, scratched my leg
           on chemically treated mulch.
     Dragonfly, damselfly, ladybug, mosquito,
     a fog of bugs smeared across the wind-
shield. The word made flesh less interesting
     than its neon-bordered converse.

“Winsome” one of those looks to muster while
     sucking a finger and spreading it wide
     for the camera. Motion option
           whoreson poise. Beef and kidneys,
           liver lights and complicated
     closely packed flesh seins forward
     over time, as if time would make it all
clear, the rough places straight and the high
     places flat and easy.

I did not know what the word “anachronism”
     meant until you explained it to me.
     Eat your cellphone. A-1 vegetarian.
           A charming plastic pink house
     with a charming plastic blue roof, bleaching
in the sun, formalizes the informal garden, draws
     palms bushes ornamentals and sickly
grapefruit into an enlightened whole. Sedentary
     or sedimentary feet up and drawers down.

On the earbuds:
Fred Frith, Allies and The Previous Evening
John Adams, Violin Concerto

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