Sunday, October 16, 2005

Between 3.50 and 4.30 this afternoon I got a cluster of spam* e-mails – more precisely, the same spam e-mail, from fifteen different addresses. Not particularly a banner event, but I remain amused at the names generated for the senders, most of them contenders for the Rufus T. Firefly Award for Absurd Nomenclature. Dig:
Bart S. Admitting
Methanol H. Bulgiest
Forerunner V. Latency
Dragonfly F. Courier
Toilets C. Deluge
Rumors K. Forsaking
Lockheed S. Outlasts
Fowl S. Mizzen
Containers D. Guerra
Marsha G. Braking
Viennese F. Ocarina
Baal K. Councils
Discontinue I. Perceive
Linguistics U. Genaro
Mollification U. Selvage

*The closer I look, the odder they seem. Each email claims, on behalf of the Kavkaz Center (which calls itself a news agency serving Chechnya, the Caucausus, and the Islamic world, but which actually seems to be a Chechyn separatist mouthpiece), that Russian special services are sending out spam under Kavkaz's name: an odd, Borgesian spam message, no?


Norman Finkelstein said...

I'm sorry, Mark, but the only truly Borgesian aspect of your last post is your attempt to convince us that you aren't really making those names up. Toilets C. Deluge? (New Orleans?) Baal K. Councils (Paradise Lost?) C'mon, buddy...

Su said...

What do you suppose the (near last) line about Jihad really says then (with this reading)?

[In posting this comment, I've received the most appropriate 'word' verification ever: jjnkee]

Mark Scroggins said...

So there, Norman -- independant confirmation!
--Mollification U. Selvage

E. M. Selinger said...

Gosh, I feel left out, now! Why aren't they spamming me (whoever "they" are)? Always the bridesmaid...