Saturday, January 28, 2006

A few updates on the right, new links to newish blogs by folks I like & feel some distant connection to: Chris Funkhouser, who seems these days to be of all places in Malaysia; Tom Orange, blogging from Washington, DC, and keeping lots of political stuff front & center; & the estimable Jessica Smith, who's thrown over the post-L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E hegemony of Buffalo and is establishing herself among the textual scholars of Charlottesville. Check 'em out.
The other day eBay threw my way a DVD copy of Robert Fuest's (sometimes intentionally, sometimes un-) hilarious 1973 adaptation of Michael Moorcock's The Final Programme. Frankly better than I'd remembered it from a single rented viewing a decade or more ago, tho not a patch on the novel (which is not a patch on some of Moorcock's later, far more fragmented Jerry Cornelius books). Jon Finch and Jenny Runacre are splendid. Best of all is the "audio commentary" track, where Fuest and Runacre, both obviously a bit the worse for drink, gamely watch their way thru a film they obviously haven't thought about in a couple of decades. "Ooh, that's a nice bit, innit?" "How'd we do that special effect there?"