Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Party to which I haven't been invited

Well. The former-left-winger-turned-rabid-conservative David Horowitz, doing his best to sustain interest in his latest screed against commie-traitorous-terrorist-supporting academics in American universities, The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, is running a poll on the Frontpage Magazine website to determine who's the #1 "worst professor" in the U.S. I'm sorry to say that I'm not listed on the poll, nor is there a space in which you could write me in. (I didn't even make it onto Horowitz's encyclopedia of paranoia, Discover the Network – tho some of my colleagues down the hall did.) At any rate, Michael Bérubé is leading the Frontpage poll for "worst professor" by several thousand votes, having urged his blog readers to come by and vote this morning.

Now I'm convinced that Michael is perfectly dangerous, especially when it comes to tree trimming gadgets and other sharp objects, but come on, folks: surely Cornell West (14 votes at this writing), that soft-spoken proponent of love, peace, and spiritual rebirth, poses a danger to the current hegemony? And what about Fredric Jameson (4 votes at this writing), whose books have probably caused more nervous breakdowns among grad students than anyone since Paul de Man? Isn't that dangerous? So go by the site and vote for your favorite evil lefty terror-monger; and as they used to say in Chicago, vote early and often – in the best intelligent design scientific spirit, you can vote multiple times from the same IP address.
A very brief blog hiatus while I hie myself up to Louisville for the 20th Century Literature and Culture conference; hope to see you there.

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Jessica Smith said...

have fun in lville. i went 02 & 03, and it was fun, but in 04 it sucked so badly that I haven't felt inspired to go back (they had sme limitations on poetry that year, and none of the normal poetics people were there... it was, as someone put it, a gathering of "midwest mudfish"). If I'd known you were going, I would've considered it. it's almost worth it just for the cool hotel.