Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back to poetry in a moment,

but right now I just want to register how grateful I am to live in Florida – at least one never lacks for entertainment. Katherine Harris, the State Secretary of State whose intervention in 2000 went a long way towards ensuring that the Florida vote would never be adequately counted, & that her boss's big brother would take the White House, is (yes, it's true) still running for US Senate – despite the facts that Jeb Bush himself ("the bright brother") has pretty much pronounced her unelectable, that she's gone thru about a half dozen different sets of staffers because of her raging attacks of temper, & that she's made more missteps in various interviews than the Three Stooges performing Swan Lake. The most recent polls show her 18 points behind Democrat Bill Nelson – which her campaign is calling a victory, since she was a full 30 points behind a month ago.

At any rate, various Florida-centric, anti-Harris political blogs have been noticing pro-Harris comments turning up in their comments boxes. Nothing surprising there, since campaigns have been having flacks monitor blogs and plant comments for some years now, ever since the Dean people began to demonstrate the power of the internets for political communication. What makes these comments interesting is their rather shaky grasp of English idiom & grammar, a shakiness that goes beyond even your garden-variety right-wing illiteracy:
"Kathy showed great victory by winning the primary. Great show Kathy."

"Guys let us come out of this blue eye shadow... Let us not discuss such irrelevant details."

"At the end of the day what matters is her ability to lead the masses. Which I think she is quite good at."
Turns out all of the messages have been emanating from the same IP address – in western India. One suspects that this true-blue American Christian warrior is not averse to a little judicious outsourcing – if it supports the right cause.

[Update – fixed that wonky link, I hope...]


Anonymous said...

Tell us where the link was supposed to take us. Please!

Amy said...

That's adorable. It's not bad enough they're paying people to pretend to care about civic life, but now they're not even bothering to pay Americans. Lovely. Pretty soon they'll be transmitting in e-votes from Bangalore... or wait, maybe that's where those mysterious Bush-votes in Ohio and SoFla came from... of course! Bangalore!

Brian said...

How on earth did I miss this story? This is brilliant!

Anonymous said...