Thursday, December 14, 2006

& the diagnosis is

(drumroll...) the Illness Formerly Known As Walking [or in this case pretty much lying down all the time & shuffling around a little bit] Pneumonia.

Getting lots of unfocussed reading done betweeen bouts of coughing and bouts of napping: Claire Tomalin's splendid Pepys biography; Delany's Dhalgren; everything by Ron Johnson.


Peter said...


Recovery's anon, I hope. Had walking pneumonia when I was a teenager. Great fluorescent emerald gobs of phlegm is what I remember. Godspeed.

Brakhage read ARK at the end, when he was deathly ill, you'll recall. Ron read Paul Metcalf on his deathbed. Why? "I've never read him before," when asked.

E. M. Selinger said...

Enough with the deathbed talk, Peter! Mark's not going anywhere.

As for you, Mark--, I'm glad to know you've been diagnosed at last. Ugly stuff, illness, but sometimes out-of-focus is the only way to go.