Thursday, May 31, 2007


We leave tomorrow for a long weekend of "holiday," which as every parent of preschoolers knows involves much more labor than any two weeks of "work."
Revisiting Ronald Johnson's early work has many pleasures, among them revisiting Blake's illuminated books (too little looked into in the past decade) & happening back upon William Empson's wonderful bitchy Milton's God, full of wonderfully human anti-Christianisms that make Christopher Hitchens seem like a hamfisted angry drunk. E.g: "I think the traditional God of Christianity very wicked, and have done since I was at school, where nearly all my little playmates thought the same."
Please keep me away from The Fellowship of the Ring; I fell into the first three chapters today, & can see the next two weeks – which must, must be occupied with Johnsonizing & indexing – being simply washed away on a tide of pleasure reading.

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E. M. Selinger said...

Well, Mark, you know that Ron was a fan. "A handshake under the mallorn trees" and all that. Surely some research is in order!

(Good to hear you're hustling on your Parnassus piece as I am. I envy you: I have Lorna Dee Cervantes, Martin Espada, and Victor Hernandez Cruz to finish up while you trip the light Johnsonian!