Thursday, November 08, 2007


[painting by Miriam Laufer, EBB's grandmother]

Okay, go right now & check out one of the coolest, most thoughtful blogs I've encountered recently: GIRLdrive, the ongoing photographic & verbal documentary record of two young women on the road, interviewing "young women across the country, asking them what they think and feel about feminism." The duo's credentials & backgrounds are impressive: Nona Willis Aronowitz is a scholar of 1970s pornographic movies & the daughter of feminist scholar Ellen Willis & sociologist/activist Stanley Aronowitz, & writes very well indeed. Emma Bee Bernstein, daughter of artist Susan Bee and Language poet Charles Bernstein, is a fine photographer (and loves her little brother Felix).

J. wants Pippa & Daphne to grow up to archaeologists or war correspondents; I'd always leaned towards painters or musicians, but I think I'd be more than happy if they decided to be cross-country documentary bloggers.

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