Monday, April 21, 2008

Melanie Neilson: Natural Facts

Natural Facts, Melanie Neilson (Potes & Poets, 1996)


Way back in the day in Ithaca, MN was one of the poets of "my" generation that Ted Pearson kept telling me to read. So I read Civil Noir (Roof, 1991), & enjoyed it. Bits of Natural Facts (love the r&b resonance of that title, combined with the RW Emerson of Nature) are explicit sequel to Civil Noir; other bits make use of some of the same overtyping and manuscript presentation. A big sense of humor here, a willingness to indulge in some serious slapstick among all that disjunction. And not that kind of allusive, highbrow-political Benjamin-quoting that starts the chuckles among the brow-furrowing reading-audience crowd, either. Real guffaws. All senses in play here.

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Mark, thanks for including Natural Facts in your 100 poem-books. As promised I will alert you as new work appears online in the coming months. Harriet Tarlo included me in a selection for the summer 2008 How 2. Now online at: