Monday, June 29, 2009


Here on the upper West Side; the weather is holding beautifully – little rain, low humidity, a veritable paradise after Florida. Alas, I packed precisely two books for the trip (still awaiting the various cartons we shipped) – Guy Davenport's Tatlin! and the last 2 vols of Fors Clavigera. And now I've finished Tatlin!, & fear that Fors will last until the rest of the books arrive. Or I may have to go out & buy more.... (Always a distinct possibility in NY)

(And yes, despite myself, I'm blogging from Starbucks – which beats blogging from my phone...)


Matt Walker said...

A list of free wi-fi spots in NYC (scroll about halfway down):

The whole Lincoln Center plaza has very reliable service.

Joseph Donahue said...

You are the eyes and ears of all New Yorkers in exile. Type away!

Anonymous said...

Mark: Gimme a call when you can.

Tom W.