Thursday, February 22, 2007

Packing my books

After a pretty hellaciously busy half-week, I’m packing to leave for Louisville tomorrow afternoon. The paper I’ll be delivering is as done as it’s gonna get, save for those last-minute-airplane-scribbled deletions and revisions, & now I’m pondering what books to pack. Ulysses has to come, of course, tho I’m starting to worry about the binding of my 1986 Random House copy (so far as I can tell, a first printing of the Gabler edition, rendered of course worthless by two decades of marginalia): handfuls of pages are beginning to fall out as I turn them. I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor that the UK edition of the same text (Bodley Head, is it?) has a much sturdier binding?

Of course I’ll be bringing a handful of Robert Sheppard books, since I’ll probably need to hold them up to prove the subject of my talk actually exists, contemporary British poetry has such a weak toe-hold on this side of the Atlantic. And then the other inevitable slim volumes of contemporary poesy:
Rosmarie Waldrop, Blindsight
Peter Riley, Alstonefield: a poem
Andrea Brady, Vacation of a Lifetime

And one more very exciting recent arrival: Stephen Collis’s Through Words of Others: Susan Howe and Anarcho-Scholasticism (ELS Editions). I’ve written briefly about Steve’s poetry on one or two occasions here, & what I’ve seen of his scholarship is first rate. This ought to be a good read.
Thinking about paper in Joyce.


Alex Davis said...

Mark: The binding to The Bodley Head's Gabler edition of Ulysses is well-nigh bullet-proof. And this edition is still in print. That said, I must admit I prefer the text between the ephemeral paperback covers of Johnson's OUP edition. It reproduces the 1922 text, and thus sidesteps the controversial issue of how one might go about producing a "corrected text." It has great notes, some useful appendices, and an excellent introduction. But it does fall apart rather easily.

Jessica Smith said...

ah, louisville. fun times. hope the paper goes well! (i'm sure it will.)

E. M. Selinger said...

Have a great trip, Mark! Next year perhaps I'll swing down and join you. There seem to be some instrument stores worth checking out in Louisville--oh, and an interesting conference, too. Time to crank up the RJ barnstorming tour, in manner of Police (or Spinal Tap) reunion? The book might well be out by this time next year...