Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Three new poems

by yer 'umble blogger on the latest issue of Tony Tost's excellent Fascicle: "Captain Modernism," "John Milton Blues," & "World Culture." (Between you & me, JMB is the best of the lot, but you have to go thru "Captain M." to get to it, & "WC" is short, so you might as well read 'em all.) I'm continually amazed by the seemingly infinite parameters of this internets-thing for publishing: Tost has put together for the 3rd issue of his magazine a collection of poems, essays, & translations that feels like a year's worth of Conjunctions linked to one page (or about a decade & a half of Poetry). Anyway, go & check it out. Tell me if you like the verses; I'm dying for conversation.

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