Saturday, September 13, 2008

Joanne Kyger: Not Veracruz

Not Veracruz, Joanne Kyger (Libellum, 2007)


Three months' worth (January–March 2006) of journal poems in this slim, generously designed book. I like Kyger's laid-back, sometimes cynical California-Buddhist sensibility, her ability to pull a joyful haiku-ish exclamation out of the clearing up of a clogged septic tank. Overheard language ("the world's sole remaindered superpower"), the static surrounding everyday life, all of it shadowed & bordered by the "war on terror" & other, more concrete wars.

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Ed Baker said...

besides what you have here of Joanne Kyger and besides her 'Strange Big Moon'

"try-on' her

-All This Everyday
-Just Space

JK is "the real-deal"
as is Barbara Moraff

them "Beat" gals were 'something-else-again'!