Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lyn Hejinian: The Beginner

The Beginner, Lyn Hejinian (Tuumba Press, 2002)


Like the roughly contemporaneous Slowly, The Beginner is a short book from LH's own Tuumba Press. I like this one very much indeed. An extended meditation on how we start things out: how a piece of writing gets begun & evolves into itself, how children "begin" to be human beings thru various acts of "play," how we figure out where and what we are in the world. Passages of deep beauty.
There's no escape from these repeating units of incipience, these figs and catapulting confidences divulged by a world, one whose beginnings are arrayed all around and side by side.

I stand by the window, look out, and my "self" occurs, a manifestation of the world as that for which I yearn.

To be a self is simply to be something in the world and yet yearning for it.
Does this remind any else – as it does me, oddly, weirdly – of Ronald Johnson? 
I've gotten way out of sequence with this "100 poem-books" business; lots of things to dip back into the reading notebooks & catch up with.
So what's with this new SiteMeter? Anyone else out there who finds the new "improved" interface totally Martian & utterly user-unfriendly?


Ron said...

They repented -- at least for the nonce -- and put the old version of SiteMeter back up last night.

& no that doesn't remind me of Ronald Johnson, for the record.

Mark Scroggins said...

LH's passage utterly unlike RJ in all but the most trivial aspect: its *content*, which weirdly dovetails -- but by no means corresponds -- w/ RJ's world/consciousness obsession.