Saturday, May 08, 2010

sources of depression

1] the prospect of a weekend's worth of marking papers & calculating final grades

2] the descent of Florida summer; heat index in the mid-90s today; even now, almost 1 am, it feels like soup outside

3] the Greasemonkey script I added to Firefox which tells me who's unfriended me on Facebook; this one I think I'll have to remove – too much angst in my life already, without worrying about "social" "networks"

4] as always – deadlines


Ed Baker said...

after my two friends died
I dropped facebook

neither he nor she nor I had much to say

ALL of my poems end in
where once they were entirely run-ons

Mark Scroggins said...

Thanks for the reality check, Ed. Life -- as opposed to the alternative -- is good.

Vance Maverick said...

I too have dropped FB. Nothing to do with any particular "friend": rather, the steady barrage of privacy stories made me realize I wasn't using it for anything essential, even by the low standards of online activity.

Anonymous said...

face this book

for ten bucks!

not great art/poetry
what is:

AND here is a thought/observation re: facebook and all the other internet crap:

most of those using facebook were born around 1988 and can handle that college course - Malaise 2.0
they've never lived in a world without the Internet
they live with an exaggerated sense of self worth
and spend all of their time putting their every thought "out there" on
My Space, You Tube, Tweet, and facebook, Google Me... etc

all these instant tolls/machines to self-promote



and or steal a persona as I paraphrase from an article on the last page of May's GQ:

"Dear (Possibly Doomed) Class of 2010)"

Dig it!

Steven Moore said...

My 13 year old daughter complained to me the other day that she was bored. I suggested that instead of chatting to her friends on facebook she visit them or invite them round and spend some real time together. Her telling reply: "Dad, none of them like me that much!"

Anonymous said...

... and I betcha everyone of those
13-year old little darlings
really believe/think that
fame is a birthright

just wait until each one of them is on say The Silliman blog-roll

punch up anyone of them there and there will be another 10,000 on that person's blog-roll


"they and them"
at one time was
"thee and thou"

your lucky around my HOOD the 13 year old girls are having sex/babies, doing drugs, and carrying knives!