Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bravo! someone else out there is reading Ruskin. And phrasing the attraction beautifully: "the prose style which dazzles as it persuades.... a mind so wide in its enthusiasms and penetrative in its way of looking - creatively perceiving - which is a poetry of its own."
Just listened, with delight, to Geoffrey Hill on Milton at the 400th birthday celebrations at Christ's two years ago. The talk – a bit of analysis, reading of some Milton & some Hill, & a good deal of portentous rambling – reminds me weirdly of LZ's Wallace Stevens lecture at U Conn in April 1971 (later published as "For Wallace Stevens" in Prepositions, & looming large in my own reading of LZ). Maybe expand on this at some point – tho I do want to write about the WS lecture, "duration," a sentence from Badiou's Spinoza essay, & mortality.

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