Friday, August 20, 2010

experiment over

So how'd that "experimental decoupling" thing work out?, you're wondering. You know, when I stopped linking blog posts to my Facebook page, just to see whether anyone would actually come by & read Culture Industry without being jogged by an announcement on FB. Well, the answer is a resounding ambiguity.

Didn't help matters that I just restarted regular blogging after a considerable summer hiatus, during which time I lost most of the regular readers I ever had. But the numbers would suggest that out of my 8 regular readers, at least 5 of them have totally switched over to FB for their browser homepage. The loyal 3 kept coming back, & there was the regular Google-directed random traffic (you know, people searching for "Ruskin pubic hair" [hit #4 on Google] or "Richard Thompson Henry the Human Fly" [#3] or "Diana Kirke nipple" [#1] or other weirdness).

But the more I thought about it, the more I missed those 5 people who weren't visiting because I wasn't telling them to visit on my FB updates. They're smart, neat people whose reading eyes I value; it's not their fault that the digital world has become so busy & complicated that my humble blog isn't their first browsing stop after the coffee hits the cup.

And hey, I'm not proud – none of that "fit tho few" shit around here, I'll take any reader who wants to read what I've strung together. And thank them for it.

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Ed Baker said...


I just used "pubic" in a poem

it goes with the first image... here:

it is included in the "2 comments" part..

not great art OR poetry... but ...what is?