Thursday, December 22, 2005


Having lived more than five years in Ithaca (New York), I know the difference between "bitterly cold" and "kinda cold," but even with that knowledge under my belt, this vacationing (non-native) Floridian is finding the kinda cold weather in New York City pretty damned bitter. The blog's not exactly hiatusing, but you won't see much of me until the new year.
Lots of folks bitching a blue streak about the MTA strike (frankly, more of them back in Florida than here in NYC, so far as I've heard -- I don't think they actually have unions down there). Joshua Clover talks sense:
Whatever poor matter the laborer or client nation can bring to market must be exchanged for basic physical protection which is always under threat of being removed or indeed turned on the protectees, should they fail to perform as commanded: Pinkertons, embargoes, bombers. There is no corporate language that is not the language of threat, something Mayor Bloomberg knows perfectly well when he dares to call the striking transit workers "thuggish" and "selfish." He should perhaps make investigations with the dictionary.

Bob has gotten back at me for my "bullcrap" comment by disseminating a photo of some bookish dork he's pulled off the internet and implying that it's me. A low blow indeed, Robert, a low blow indeed. A more accurate image:
Happy Holidays to everyone out there!


My Daily Struggles said...

Hope they settle the transit strike soon. (Even though I live in DC.) I have bad memories of transit strikes in Philadelphia where I grew up.

Archambeau said...

Mark --
I was actually looking for a different photo, since I used the same one for the blo entry on your book Anarchy some time ago. But google only gives me one Mark Scroggins image. From now on, though, I'll use your new one!

Best for the holidays,


Henry Gould said...

Sorry, but Josh Corey can always be countd on to enunce the politically-correct pablum.

Have you never heard of overweening, over-reaching unions?

The transit workers get retirement & pensions at age 55. Tell me how many of the commuters have the same.

Yeah, they should all be in a union. OK. But for the time being, spare me the grievance-whines. They've got it pretty good, those Johhny-paychecks.

There are 2 sides to everything. Unfortunately a lot of Americans are enthralled with the rhetorics of "my side is all and always right, & your side is evil & corrupt."

E. M. Selinger said...

Dang, you've aged well! I look more like an aging Miss Moneypenny, myself.

I'll try to keep up the blogging while you're away. And keep away from steam vents in that kilt! You don't want to scare off anyone.


Anonymous said...

"Sorry, but Josh Corey can always be countd on to enunce the politically-correct pablum."

Maybe, but Joshua Clover is the person cited.

Henry Gould said...

Ah... me so dumb. Happy holidays to all Joshes everywhere. I get a coal in my stocking this year.