Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Technical Hiatus

It's been one of those weeks – not just the profound joy of exam week & exam grading, but Tuesday night the hard drive of the computer just up & died – rather spectacularly, with a sound like (as my mother would say) a "dying calf in a thunderstorm." I'd been hearing that sound intermittently for a few days, so I had every last damned thing backed up.

So the short version is that I've got myself a brand new computer, and have moved up to the next generation of the Macintosh OSX – Tiger, I think it is, replacing Panther or Jaguar or Tabby or some damn thing. And it's pretty cool (been using it in the office for a few months now already). Just one glitch: The Mac email program (called, rather flamboyantly, "Mail") has apparently changed their method of saving messages over this last update; useta be they would save a mailbox as a single ".mbox" file; now they save every single message as a separate ".emlx" file. What difference does this make? (After all, as far as I know computers run by sorcery anyway – cf. Fredric Jameson on our inability to understand our technology paralleling our inability to grasp the global economy...) Well, in short the new, Tigerish "Mail" seems unable to understand the old Manx Cat "Mail" – it just won't import those damned mailboxes – and at least for the nonce I seem to have lost about seven years worth of email files.

So, if you've ever sent me an email in your life, I'd much appreciate it if you'd send me another one so I can start building that address book back up again. (Especially you, John, since now I've lost your snailmail address...)


Jehza said...

Very sorry to hear about your old machine and troubles getting your old mail to the new, but congrats on managing to backup everything before the crash...

and now on your new sexy machine.

Su said...

I think 'useta be' ranks right up there with 'ustacould'.

Got a great 'word verification' with this comment: xushu

Lee said...

Mozilla makes a great e-mail program called Thunderbird, which you can download for free off their web site. Not only is it for free, but it will probably be able to import all of your old e-mails. My old software developed a serious bug, and it imported my old e-mail just fine.

Also, I'm pretty sure the old Mac OS was called "Pink Panther."