Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cambridge Companion!

After the usual delays, I'm happy to announce that the Cambridge Companion to Modernist Poetry – edited by the estimable Alex Davis & Lee M. Jenkins – has just turned up in my mailbox. It's a substantial volume, covering poetic modernisms of all stripes, British, American, Irish, African American, and post-colonial. The contributors' list, which reads like a who's who of modernist poetry scholarship, includes Peter Nicholls, Christanne Miller, Lawrence Rainey, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Drew Milne, Bonnie Costello, & Jahan Ramazani.

And surprisingly enough, yr. humble blogger has an essay in there as well, bearing the snappy (?) title "US modernism II. The other tradition: Williams, Zukofsky, Olson." (It's odd to see one's prose in British clothing – punctuation, capitalization, etc.; but still gratifying.) American shoppers can buy this terrifically valuable volume here.


Michael Peverett said...

Gosh - this looks like fun reading - more books to buy, and this one may even show up on the High St! But shouldn't it have been called "Modernist Poetry in English"? -

Anonymous said...

Received my copy. May I send it to you for an autograph?

Will be good weekend reading, I;m sure. A welcome break from freshman rhetoric diagnostic essays, at any rate.


Mark Scroggins said...

Oh, Michael, how nit-picking can one get? Of course, it should be "Modernist Poetry in English" -- but then again, it is Cambridge UP, no?

Nicole -- bless my soul, but I can think of lots better weekend reading... I'm going back thru the Eclogues, for instance. But I'd be happy to sign it whenever -- you should send a proposal to Louisville for February (where I expect to be) & I'll do it in person! (good to hear from you!)