Sunday, August 05, 2007


I've spent a little bit of time, not actually blogging, but cleaning up the blogroll & list of links on the right. So everything should work these days – no more listings of blogs that haven't been up for months & months, no more outdated URLs. At least I hope. Let me know if you click on some duds.

I also pumped up the "Scroggins online" links list, even as I scratched my head (still sticky with sunscreen) & wondered if these things are worth the trouble. Of course they are! Random visitors* will bounce in droves from this weblog straight over to to buy The Poem of a Life: A Biography of Louis Zukofsky. (Did I mention that it's available for preorder? & at a huge discount?)

Yeah. right. But who knows? And for my 7 readers who might actually be interested, I think I now have a fairly comprehensive set of links to my poems online.

*I am proud to announce that Culture Industry is at present the #1 Google hit for the search "nipple portraiture." Now how in hell do you beat that?

1 comment:

Ed Baker said...

your first LZ book I just see

a "like new" copy via amazon going for $46 plus a few bucks for S & H

and that is the cheapest of the 4 copies "out there" lots of "scholarship" here I appreciate it

how many of the Lang Gang mavins actually read every word?

so much originality not very original in
their 'works' they seem to me choking on their own jargon!
I like your poetry

and, you look like my fried, Jim Kacian
cheers, Ed