Sunday, November 01, 2009


My friend Bradley, who used to run this blog that covered creative nonfiction & culture & the academy & boring shit like that, has gone all kittens all the time. Who am I to resist the Zeitgeist? Here's our new adoptee, dubbed Elizabeth Junebug:

She's hiding under the bed, still her fave hangout; for scale, note the green craft pipecleaner. Or better yet, check out this one, the Junebug trying to muscle her way off the ample spread of yr. humble blogger:

And here she is at her favorite sport, boxing with our older cat, Panda:

After that momentary lapse into excruciating cuteness, we'll be shortly returning to the regularly scheduled academic angst, semi-formulated political kvetches, & disjunctive poetry.


Su said...

In that 2nd pic, EJ looks like Gizmo.

Sisyphus said...


Michael Peverett said...

Cool. I didn't like Portrait of a Lady much, but it was probably a mood thing. I thought it was scaled out rather than scaled up. I like the earlier Europeans etc or the later Maisie Ambassadors Golden Bowl era.

Bradley said...

Man, those kittens not only ruined my blogging, they ruined my essay writing too. I used to write about violence and pop culture and freaky sex. Now, I just write essays about how fluffy and cuddly my widdle kitties are. I'm ruined. Washed up at 33.

I like your kitten, though. We should get together and stack our kittens in, like, a kitten pyramid, and just stand around going, "Awwwwww..."

Oddly enough, the word I have to type to prove that I'm a real person commenting here is "Heman." I don't feel much like a He-Man right now.