Sunday, November 08, 2009


About 10 this morning someone in West Springfield, Mass, made the 150,000th visit to Culture Industry.* That's nice: I've been at this since March 2005, and never really expected to get more than 40 or 50 visitors a day, so knowing that for the past couple of years someone's dropped by here just about every quarter hour is actually pretty profoundly gratifying.

At times – frankly, pretty often this fall, under a sift of assignments & an unexpectedly gnarly teaching burden – I've pretty seriously considered pulling the plug on the blog. After all, I don't seem to have the resources of time & imagination more consistent bloggers have (I think here of the indefatigable Ron S. & the scintillating John L.), nor do I have a particular political/cultural agenda that's burning a hole in my hard drive, demanding to be disseminated to the world. (Or yes, I do have a particular political/cultural agenda, I just don't find a blog the best place for its dissemination.) But I think I'm going to keep Culture Industry up & running for at least the near term; somebody out there's reading it – and if you're that somebody, I'm grateful.

*S/he was googling "petergizzi" (read: Peter Gizzi).


Vance Maverick said...

I hope it's a soft sift! (Dang, I see this has been appropriated by Mark Ford.)

Captcha: sestin, as in "Sestin A!"

Sneha chitra said...

good post

Steven Fama said...

Dear Mark,

I really appreciate your posts, most all of them, and hope you do continue.

I'm projecting lots of myself into this next statement, but I hope you find writing your posts invigorating, including fun and in some way useful. If that's not the case, I surely wouldn't want you continue, unless you altruistically want to continue doing it for folks like me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Jonathan K. Cohen said...

Whatever the spammers are saying, I appreciate every post you make. The series of 100 poetry reviews has enabled me to make a serious dent in stocking my poetry library. And that series is just one of the good things you do with this blog.

If you don't have the energy, I understand. But if all things are equal, please continue.