Wednesday, August 22, 2007

informal poll

My mind these days, as so often at this end-of-summer, feels like an unmoving swamp. I hanker for new things, new sounds, new poets. So, an informal poll: who, among that vast sea of talented & interesting writers out there, is exciting you these days? Let's leave the honored dead out of the reckoning; send me – backchannel or in the comments box – a list of the dozen or half-dozen contemporaries whose poetry seems most alive to you at the moment. Help MS jumpstart his joie de vivre.


Ed said...

John Martone
David Giannini
John Phillips
Ed Baker
Tsering Dhompa
Jeremy Seligson
John Vieira
Bob Arnold
John Perlman

you must have a "secret" Lang Gang/Acaneamic address or
not many interested in replying!

Mark Scroggins said...

Prob a bit of the latter, Ed. I'll be damned -- I thought I'd set the email option on the blogger profile to show my address, but I hadn't; anyway, it's there now. And thanks for the suggestions!

Peter said...


If you were sitting in my study with me & asked that question (presuming you'd wouldn't want me recommending people we both know personally), I'd readily mention G.C. Waldrep's The Batteries, Camille Guthrie's In Captivity, James McMichael's Each in a Place Apart (Devin turned me on to that one), & Jay Wright's mindblowing new book Music's Mask & Measure; if this last doesn't revitalize your desire for the art, well, there's always sci fi...


E. M. Selinger said...

Reading over your shoulder, mate.


jeff said...

eric swanger's most recent stuff is pretty interesting. .... his most recent chapbooks, passages, is incredible. handbound, japanese style, with a screen printed cover, fold out pages, some of his photos, etc. but there are only 108 of them, so..........

jeff said...

oops.... i guess the best place, somewhat hilariously, to see his most recent stuff is here:

Michael Peverett said...

Hi Mark, leaving aside poets we certainly both know to follow, a few names I mightn't have mentioned to you before:

US: Catherine Daly, Lisa Samuels,
Action, Yes (I don't specify individuals, but the scene is kicking)
UK: Richard Makin(mostly prose)
Sweden: Aase Berg,Johan Jönsson

Links to online pieces - some more substantially persuasive than others, I think, but the best I could bodge up in a short time ! mi ch a el

Emily said...

I'll plug a couple of friends (or one-time friends) whose work I'm fond of:

Catherine Pierce's chapbook Animals of Habit came out a couple of years ago -- she's got a new book coming out in January.

I also think Nadine Meyer's work is really good (even though she's someone I no longer really speak to ...). And Steve Gerhke.

Hmm ... all those people were in my wedding. I might be a little biased like that.

Bradley said...

I haven't read his poetry, but Nick Flynn's memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City certainly read like one long lyric essay (or maybe a whole bunch of lyric essays strung together to form a larger narrative). It's a shame the title of the book isn't more memorable.

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly out of the loop as far as living contemporaries, but I'll try to hazard something:

Green by Sidney Wade
Midsummer by Derek Walcott
The August Sleepwalker by Bei Dao

None of those are from this decade though. Seems like most poets I read are dead. Sorry.


François said...

Canada: a.rawlings, derek beaulieu, Ray Hsu
France: Esther Tellermann, Liliane Giraudon.
Sweden: Aase Berg
Brazil: Josely Vianna Batista

Ayse Papatya Bucak said...

I wouldn't presume to suggest poets, but a book that gives me joie de vivre is Tibet Through the Red Box by Peter Sis.