Friday, August 24, 2007

Our Fair University on the blogosphere, again

Margaret Soltan at University Diaries has a knack for picking up on the most embarassing news items relating to Our Fair University. Today she's fastened upon the proposed new "fitness center"; I think she's a bit savage, at least in the comments box, but you decide.


Ed said...

sent this Margaret Soltan a pdf of my
DE:SIRE IS... just yesterday not sure ot the why.. but to the point!
today in mail from Richard Aaron copy of SPARROW 13
Larry Eigner

oh what movement what a view of things from his deck from his wheel-chair

and laughter... his voice... a sense of 'play'

I just went for a swim... this morning what need for Florida? It is sterile there.. Ed

UD said...

Er, don't know what to make of the above, but sure - I was over the top. Apologies. I know good things are happening at FAU along with the bad -- there's you and your blog, for instance...


Ed said...
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