Thursday, August 16, 2007

whom you ought to be reading

I sense my blogging has become sclerotic lately, that I'm giving in to my tendency to wait until I have almost the beginnings of an essay on hand before writing anything. (Or I post continual promotional snippets for forthcoming things – nothing wrong with that of course, but not the best reading...) I got no desire to turn Culture Industry into a diary (resounding yawns from potential former readers), but I hanker for something a trifle more off-the-cuff, casual. Like, for instance, Jonathan Mayhew's consistently casual, consistently rivetting Bemsha Swing. You might argue with JM, but it's rare that what's passing across his mind isn't interesting.

Or you could check out the lively discussion – Alicia Ostriker, Charles Bernstein, Norman Finkelstein (the other NF), Eric Selinger – on "What Is a Jew" over at A Big Jewish Blog.

Maybe it's just the end-of-summer blues/blahs.


Ed said...

to get a different view of things
check out the http above
you have a folder in amongst the "stuff" that got to the Lilly Library after Cid died..

I am just back from a week there reading and bouncing around their GREAT library.. mostly
reading my letters and etcs and Franco Beltrametti's 'stuff' which is (also) in "my" box... cheers, Ed

E. M. Selinger said...

Well, shit, Mark--you're doing a whole lot better than I am!

I'd say it's those summertime blues. That and realizing that you're about to be famous. That biography is good work that will do good work, old friend.

Maybe a few hours of window-shopping for instruments? Always soothing for me! There's a nifty used Canadian OM over at Elderly, Neil Russell the luthier. Worth a gander.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Mark. You've made my week.