Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Git yerself some kulchur

There's a brand new update at Zach Barocas's always excellent Cultural Society, including work by Joseph Bradshaw, Derrick Buisch, Cary Conover, Jon Curley, Tom Fisher, Roberto Harrison, Philip Jenks, Joseph Massey & Jess Mynes, Amanda Nadelberg, Peter O'Leary, Gregory J. Ott, John Phillips, Christopher Rizzo, Cindy Savett, Kate Schapira, Melissa Severin, Sandra Simonds, Shannon Tharp, Bronwen Tate, Jen Tynes, & Tyrone Williams. (Click on "texts.")

And a (longish) poem by me, "Of Systems Subject, Political, and Private." Do go read; tokenish prize to whoever can first identify the source of the title.


Archambeau said...

That's gotta be Leviathan. Been reading Hobbes as background for Locke whom I've been reading as Shaftesbury whom I've been reading as background for Addison whom I've been reading as background for, well, the list goes on. But it's Hobbes, isn't it?



alex davis said...

Bob, you're right of course, but has your reading in Hobbes extended to _De mirabilibus pecci: being the wonders of the peak in Darby-shire, commonly called the Devil's Arse of Peak_? It's in Latin, with an English translation by "A Person of Quality". As a native of Derbyshire, I can't recommend it enough, even if it is, in effect, a bit of toadying to the Cavendish family.

Archambeau said...

Hey Alex --

I take every opportunity possible to toady to the Cavendish family, though pickings have been slim in Illinois.

I see I wrote "background for Locke whom I've been reading as Shaftesbury" when I meant "backgournd for Locke whom I've been reading as background for Shaftesbury. But maybe we should read Locke as Shaftesbury: it would make him seem more optimistic.

Locke was the physician presiding at the birth of Shaftesbury, by the way. I wish I had some way to draw significance from that.

Back to the dusty tomes,


Amy said...

I love the poem -- I can hear your voice when I read it. :-) Ranting!!!


The Cultural Society is also selling a benefit CD for a boy named Callum who has SMA ... that's the disease my nephew died of a year and a half ago.

It's a horrific disease for little children to die of, and the potential for a cure in the next few years is real... (they've caused and subsequently cured the disease in mice, which is a big step)... but the challenge is to keep the kid alive long enough to see the day... and that's expensive.

Anyway, I just thought I'd point that out to all the Scroggins poetry fans, that, if you did give this family a few bob it would really be worthwhile... and it never hurts to spread a little love in the world...

Mark Scroggins said...

Bob, you lazy bastard, get to reading your Grotius (background to Hobbes...). Backchannel me yr mailing address again for whatever geegaw I can rustle up as prize (since the quotation is indeed Leviathan).

I prefer my Cavendish in a pipe; or did, until I discovered Samuel Gawith's Lake Country blends.