Friday, September 28, 2007

When I read a post like "The Complete Language Game,"* I wish I were Jonathan Mayhew.
My ideal critic/historian of contemporary poetry would combine the aesthetic subtlety and political ferocity of Adorno, the historical & iconographical learning of Panofsky, & the broad and powerful sociological vision of Bourdieu. And the prose style of Guy Davenport. If the Goddess gives me another 40 years compos mentis, I will be that critic/historian.
I've given up looking for my ideal contemporary poet. I write the poems I can write: "ich kann nicht anders."

*As Steven points out in the comments box, that should read "The Complete Sentence Game." Oops.


Alex Davis said...

. . . and the humour of Empson, surely. . .

Steven Fama said...

I think you mean "The Complete Sentence Game."

Mark Scroggins said...

Wow, what a howler! It's a good thing nobody reads this stuff too closely!