Thursday, May 07, 2009


Yes, I've been painting this Spring. Above is acrylic & collage (the last page of Scott's Fortunes of Nigel) on canvas. I've started a Flickr page for photos of my daubs, tho as useless as I am as a visual artist, I'm even worse as a visual arts photographer.

I'll probably post more on Culture Industry in the weeks to come.


Anonymous said...

Your Spring daub truly leaves me breathless. It's intricately fascinating.

E. M. Selinger said...

Please do, Mark! You're a man of many talents. Me like.

Steven Fama said...

Yes, it's an interesting project, do post more. . . . I imagine it's fun to paint and make a poem at the same time.

Who's the English guy that has teh big painted book . . .my mind can't pull him up. This painting / collage seems similar -- especially the little connecting spaces between the words on the borrowed page.

Vance Maverick said...

Tom Phillips. I take that element of this picture as a direct homage (the way the speech-bubble convention of comics is used to join the scattered bones of the underlying 19thC text into phrases).

The rays intersecting everything, dividing the plane, I take as a borrowing from Precisionism, e.g. the Demuth of "My Egypt".

I like it, Mark, though (and perhaps this is emphasized by the photography) a lot of the foreground is taken up by flat uninflected paint unrevealing of any "fist". The blue and blue-green elements behind the gold checkers are alluringly indefinite.

Vance Maverick said...

I was pretty sure muster Mark had written on Phillips, and indeed.