Saturday, May 09, 2009


Here perhaps the apotheosis of my "comic book" style, a portrait of LZ in pen & ink & gouache, based on a 1941 studio photograph. Probably did this one five or six years ago, when I was first contemplating picking up brushes again. It's fairly small, maybe 8" x 5".


Vance Maverick said...

Fun! The layering of two visual styles -- here a skilled period studio photo and your comic-book mode -- is a recognizable effect, reminding me of Crumb's "trading cards" of blues musicians.

zimdog said...

Word, sir. I admit not even an inkling of knowing you had an artist's hand too. I dig the LZ work. Although, why didn't you put an exploding cigar in his hand?

Anonymous said...


Just wondering--because I've done a mashup of a Japanese comic with a few of the Zukofsky portraits by Elsa Dorfman--are there permission issues involved with that?