Friday, May 19, 2006

In haste...

In-laws are in town with attendant demands on time, as is a dear friend who's packing and liquidating his stuff in preparation for moving to Seattle. The weather, after a day of depressingly incessant rain, has veered towards Florida summer. And everybody's talking about the hurricane season. So there are lots of reasons to be depressed.
Random 10:

1) "Distance Equals Rate Times Time," Pixies, Trompe Le Monde
2) "First Riddle," Fred Frith/Ensemble Moderne, Traffic Continues
3) "The Saint," John Zorn, Locus Solus
4) "Mahshav," Masada Chamber Ensemble, Bar Kokhba
5) "Blackleg Miner," Richard Thompson, 1000 Years of Popular Music
6) "Etude 17," John Zorn/Marc Ribot, The Book of Heads
7) "Baby Don't Know What to Do With Herself," Richard Thompson, You?Me?Us?
8) "Wheels," Fred Frith, Art Bears (remix record)
9) "You Don't Know What Love Is," Anthony Coleman, Selfhaters
10) "Never Real," Waco Brothers, Electric Waco Chair

(I'm beginning to wonder how truly random the "Party Shuffle" function on iTunes actually is; I mean, jeez, three Zorn-related and three-Frith related tracks in a single 10-song shuffle? But then again, I never took statistics...)