Friday, May 26, 2006

The road beckons

I'm off on something resembling "vacation" tomorrow, with no prospect of internet access beyond the occasional email checking, if that. So Culture Industry will be going on vacation as well for a while.
A valedictory random 10:

1) "You & Me," John Cale, The Island Years
2) "Tanah," Masada, Live at Mittelheim
3) "Who Is That," Ralph Stanley, Mountain Gospel
4) "The Sins of a Family," Oysterband, Ride
5) "Etude 28," John Zorn/Marc Ribot, The Book of Heads
6) "Master-Dik," Sonic Youth, Sister
7) "Interlude," Miles Davis, Agharta
8) "Pink," John Zorn, Elegy
9) "For the Beauty of Wynona," Daniel Lanois, For the Beauty of Wynona
10) "Blackwaterside," Oysterband, Rise Above

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egyptiansally said...

Hope you're having a great (road?) trip!