Thursday, May 04, 2006


Quote of the month (so far) – Donald Rumsfeld: "I'm not in the intelligence business." You don't say.
All of you folks in the 40-and-under demographic should be submitting to Jessica Smith & John Sakkis's Anthology; you know who you are. I fear I just miss the cutoff, & am feeling too grey & tired (exam week, right?) to make the "young at heart" argument.
I'm beginning the slow process of cooking my fall syllabi, & have my antennae up for outstanding books of poetry published over the past 3 years or so. Anybody got any favorites that they think ought to be kicked around a seminar room by a bunch of hungry young poetry writing students?


Brian said...

We tend to run to different poetic tastes, I believe, but I'll promote a book by a friend of mine. Emily Rosko's first book which just won the Iowa Prize. It's titled Raw Goods Inventory. And I believe I may assign Gabrielle Calvocoressi's The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart to my 2030 students this fall.

Jessica Smith said...

you should kick my new book around. i can send you an "examination copy" at the end of the month if you might be interested in adopting it.

mike white's students at UNCW enjoyed bird-book. they sent me questions.

thanks for promoting the anthology. thought i'd get some shameless self-promotion into the same post :)

Jessica Smith said...

while i'm at it: this is the press website and this goes straight to the book.

if people buy my book i can afford to fund the next book. i'm getting some great manuscripts.