Wednesday, March 11, 2009

felix dies natalis

& while I almost missed it, it seems that Culture Industry has quietly entered its fifth year of (more or less sporatic) existence (initiated, that is, back in March 2005). Thanks for dropping by; once I find some time to breathe, I'll try to do some actual thinking.

(Pozzo: Stand back! [Vladimir and Estragon move away from Lucky. Pozzo jerks the rope. Lucky looks at Pozzo.] Think, pig! [Pause. Lucky begins to dance.] Stop! [Lucky stops.] Forward! [Lucky advances.] Stop! [Lucky stops.] Think!)


Vance Maverick said...

Thanks for this blog. I don't mind its intermittencies and lack of what you call thinking. Even just the mentioning of books is useful and interesting.

Captcha: 'blesslit'. Indeed!

Paul Naylor said...

Hey, I just bought my first Pogues album the other day, thanks to your scribblings, Mark. I realize that outs me as a way out of date Dude, but, so be it! Keep going!