Friday, March 06, 2009

Peter Gizzi: Periplum and other poems

Periplum and other poems, 1987-1992, Peter Gizzi (Salt Publishing, 2004)

Much earlier work than what I've read of Gizzi before. Trying on various voices, various idioms, all with some success. I love the almost Ashberyan discursiveness of "Deux ex Machina" & "Hard as Ash," tho I'm perhaps drawn more immediately to the fragmentary notations of the chapbook-length Music for Films. (Brian Eno gives this one its title, an album I've played so many hundreds of times times on vinyl that I've never felt the need to buy the CD – every note is there in my memory.) Nods to Spicer (of course), to Duncan. Is Peter Gizzi the preĆ«minent male love poet of his generation? A fair bet.


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