Monday, March 09, 2009

what to read next?

Today the UPS-person delivered the carton I'd shipped from New York Thursday, containing mostly books of poetry, mostly acquired at the Strand:

Charles Alexander, Certain Slants
Jenny Boully, The Body
Thomas Fink, Clarity and Other Poems
Allen Grossman, Descartes' Loneliness
Paul Hoover, Rehearsal in Black
---, Totem and Shadow: New and Selected Poems
Devin Johnston, Aversions
Geraldine Kim, Povel
Garrett Kalleberg, Some Mantic Demons
Joseph Lease, The Room
Aaron McCollough, Welkin
Jill Magi, Threads
John Olson, Echo Regime
Bob Perelman/Francie Shaw, Playing Bodies
Donald Revell, A Thief at Strings
Chris Tysh, Continuity Girl
Elizabeth Willis, Meteoric Flowers
C. D. Wright, One Big Self

So, what to read next? (After, that is, going over my talking points for Lolita?)


Steven Fama said...

Povel will read quick but should give you a nice jolt sort of like drinking from the fountain of youth.

The Olson (John) is so dear to my heart it might break my heart if you don't read it first and then again and again and again.

The Willis will send you too.

That's all I know, sorry I can't be comprehensive here. Goood luck, and I'm looking forward to hearing about whatever you choose....

By the by, it's a hell of a great day whenever a box of poem-books get delivered to your door!

Steve Halle said...

Geraldine Kim's Povel. I've thumbed through, and it looks amazing. I won't get to read it in the near future, so reading your blog post on it will be a next-best thing.

TT said...

I think Descartes' Loneliness is brilliant and moving.